Coolsculpting vs Lipo: Pros and Cons

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Coolsculpting vs Lipo: Pros and Cons

Having a good body shape is not an easy thing. It’s a very common problem nowadays, and many people want to look beautiful in everything they wear. Many people consider the main shape creation methods, including lipo and others in Delray Beach, FL. These procedures change the body shape, but they do it differently. So, it’s hard to decide which method is better and you should choose the one that will suit your needs.


What Is Coolsculpting?

This non-surgical method uses a special cool gel and a vacuum to remove fat from the body parts. The procedure is performed in a hospital or outpatient center, using the new device and liquefied fat-injector.

The freezing gel is applied to the body part during the procedure, and then vacuum suction is performed. The whole process takes about an hour, and you will feel a slight coolness during this period.


It also works relatively quickly. It removes fat in one to two months and leaves no scars or pain. After the procedure, your body remains in shape, and you lose inches.


This procedure is always considered a safe procedure, although you need to follow the instructions and not perform other exercises during this period. Besides, it’s possible to use this method only once a week, and you should not exceed the limit of 20 minutes during each session.


What is Lipo?

This surgical procedure costs more money but can give better results. It requires cutting into certain places rich in fat during surgery and then removing them. The procedure takes two to three hours and includes placing anesthetic and local anesthesia. Then, the incisions are sutured, and a liposuction fat suction tube is used. Afterward, you need to wear a compression bandage for two weeks, but this is just a precaution.


Liposuction does not leave any scars or pain after the procedure, but it makes people look better than the other treatment. The process is performed under local anesthesia and lasts from one to two hours. The fat is removed from the body, but it stays in shape, and the results are noticeable in months.


The procedure is much more expensive but gives a much better shape to the body. It requires a single session to perform and costs about $1000. Also, it’s not possible to use this method more than two times a week.


Which Is better?

When discussing the advantages of both methods, you should mention that CoolSculp treatment is much more affordable. Also, it’s possible to use this method several times a year. However, lipo gives better results because it removes fat from the body and leaves no scars or pain after the procedure.


On the other hand, the CoolSculpt procedure causes little pain and no scars but is quite expensive and can be used only once a week. In terms of the procedures, both are safe and viable methods that should be considered by anyone who wants to look better.


To make a proper decision, you should consider your personal preferences and capabilities. Also, you should weigh the benefits and disadvantages of both methods and choose the one that suits you best and will provide a better shape for your body.



Being slim is important to look better and feel more confident. There are much body shaping methods, but these two do the job differently, and each of them has its advantages. This is why you should choose the one that will suit your needs the most. Contact the professionals in Delray Beach, FL, to schedule your appointment.

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