Face Lift for Men vs. Women: Unique Face Lift Considerations

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Face Lift for Men vs. Women: Unique Face Lift Considerations

Aging can be taxing to your natural beauty. Your skin starts to change and lose its freshness with time and age. Once your youth starts fading away, your skin tissues lose their tightness and become saggy. You can now bring your skin back to life with modern technology and advancement. The procedure of rhytidectomy, commonly known as a facelift, has become famous for its excellent results in plastic surgery. It works efficiently and lifts your tired and wrinkled skin, giving it a youthful and glowing look. However, it is essential to understand that since both men and women have different facial features and skin types, the procedure works differently for each gender. Here’s what you need to know about the treatment and the difference in the procedure for men compared to women

What is a Rhytidectomy?

Plastic surgical treatment is designed to uplift your skin tissues and bring back their elasticity to prevent your skin from sagging and reduce signs of skin aging. Rhytidectomy targets wrinkles folds and tightens the tissues to smoothen the texture of your skin. Extra skin is removed from certain areas of your face to lift and define facial features. Let’s have an insight on how face lift treatment in Delray Beach, FL works:

The Procedure:

The procedure focuses on the lower region of the face and neck. The tissues and fat of your skin are repositioned to soften, remove and stretch your facial skin. There are three types of facelifts:


It is a minor process that involves uplifting the tissues and skin of your neck and jawline.


This lift targets the cheek and nose. It tightens the saggy skin from above the mouth to under the eye, defines cheekbones, and gives your noise a sharp-pointed look.

Liquid or Non-surgical-lift:

A procedure that does not need incisions or anesthesia for the surgery. It removes extra skins, softens your creases, and boosts face definition.

While there are various procedures, they work differently for men and women. Below is an overview of how facelift works depending on the facial features of both genders:

Men vs. Women:

It is known that both genders are different from each other in terms of physical appearance and facial features. Similarly, plastic surgery will have its dynamics when performed on males or females.

Men’s surgery is typically more technical to perform, the skin is thicker, and the face is usually larger than women’s. The jawline and neck area are broader and heavier. Hence, surgeons focus on men’s lower areas of the face. Due to the facial hair, incisions are made carefully to prevent damaging follicles, scarring, and hair regrowth. The men’s beard line is slightly pulled towards the ear when the face is uplifted. Unlike women, mini-lifts do not work as efficiently for men as their skin is thicker and difficult to uplift and stretch. Swelling stays for a longer time for men than women due to the difference in skin texture. Surgeons advise avoiding smoking pre-and post-surgery for one month.

As for women, facial surgery is more manageable as their facial features are delicate and weak. They have thinner skin; therefore, the upper half of the face is focused, and incisions are made slightly upward than that of a man. Women tend to opt for a softer and more exquisite look on their faces. They desire to make their cheeks fuller and nose pointed for a youthful and elegant look. In contrast, men are inclined to have sharp features, a defined jaw, and a neckline.

Post-surgery Recovery:

The recovery after surgery is the same for both men and women. It takes several months for your skin and face to feel normal and about two to four weeks for you to resume your daily routine and follow usual activities. Keep yourself hydrated and eat a nutritious diet for a speedy recovery and effective surgery results. Follow a healthy sleeping pattern, keep your skin moisturized and avoid exposure to the sun. Follow-up with your doctor for guidance if any issues are faced.

It is essential to consult an experienced professional in Delray Beach, FL before you choose to get your desired treatment. Follow your surgeon’s guidelines or read the above insight to understand how facial surgery for uplifting skin works differently for men and women.

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