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Signs of Aging to Look Out For

Aging is a natural phenomenon. It can make the body look and feel different. The body can also begin to function differently. However, all these changes can have it confused as illness. While it is also impossible to put aging on hold or reverse it, it can be slowed. If you have begun to wonder about your health and whether you are experiencing aging or illness, you might be interested in reading about the signs of aging in detail and how they can be controlled. So without further ado, let’s find it all out: 

Increased Blood Pressure 

As one ages, their metabolism slows down over time, and their blood vessels become stiffer due to added weight of the body. This leads to the heart requiring more strength to push blood through these stiff vessels.  

The added mass with age also increases the number of cells that require the heart to supply blood to them. Hence, the heart pushes the blood with more force, increasing the blood pressure. However, you can maintain steady blood pressure as you age by not letting the blood vessels go stiff and avoiding gaining excess weight. 

Hair Loss 

Hair loss is a common sign of aging among both men and women. Women tend to lose more hair after menopause. However, men can experience hair loss as early as in their 30s. While hair loss is widely dependent on genetics and the environment, almost everyone experiences at least some hair loss as they age. 

If you live in a city near the sea, such as Delray Beach, Fl, you may experience more hair loss due to warm weather and harsh sun. However, you can look into hair restoration treatments at clinics that offer plastic surgery in Florida. 

Weakened Bones 

Bones are one of the first organs to age. Some people may experience weakened bones as soon as in their early 30s. Besides increasing the chances of fracturing bones, calcium depletion in the body may also affect teeth. Your teeth will begin to feel porous, brittle, and more sensitive.  

A balanced diet and Vitamin C and D supplements can greatly control this sign of aging. You can also keep your bones healthier for longer by exercising. Delray Beach, Fl is a great place to soak up plenty of sun and go swimming and jogging. 

Hearing Loss 

Hearing loss is one of the most apparent signs of aging. Young bodies have a higher hearing range than older bodies. If you tend to listen to TV at a higher volume than you used to, you might be suffering from hearing loss. Don’t worry about it too much, and invest in a hearing aid to not disturb those around you.  

Weakened Eyesight 

Though increased use of screens is a common cause for weakened eyesight among people of all ages, eyesight also gets weakened due to aging. You can slow down aging for your eyes by wearing sunglasses when going out and near open fires. If you go swimming, wear swimming goggles to protect your eyes from harsh chemicals in the swimming pool and excess salt in seawater.  

Sun Spots, Wrinkles, and Fine Lines 

Just like all other organs, skin also experiences signs of aging. Over time, the skin naturally loses elasticity. This leads to a decreased ability of the skin to retain moisture.  

Dry skin gets impacted by external factors much more than normal or oily skin. It can develop wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots when dry skin is not cared for properly. These signs are usually more apparent on the skin than other body parts. 

However, there are various treatments available for aging facial skin. You can opt for various injectables or skin rejuvenation methods at well-known skin clinics for plastic surgery in Florida to keep your skin looking young and healthy for longer. Delray Plastic Surgery has an elite line-up of experts that can give you sound advice and recommend the best way forward. 

Last but not least, don’t detest aging as it is inevitable. By stressing out about aging, you will only get more wrinkles on your face. The best you can do is take measures to slow it down and hide or reverse some of its signs. A smart and healthy lifestyle also helps. 

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