What To Do Immediately After Plastic Surgery

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What To Do Immediately After Plastic Surgery

Selfcare after operations and surgeries is crucial for avoiding infections, swelling, and discomfort. If you want your plastic surgery to deliver the desired results while minimizing the pain, there are several elements to consider during your recovery.  

Below we mention the essential post-operative tips for everyone receiving their cosmetic surgery soon.  

Have Your Recovery Kit Nearby  

You can’t move around much after the cosmetic procedure because of feeling tired and hazy- especially if you received general anesthesia. So, before going for your plastic surgery appointment, you can prepare your recovery kit and keep it on your nightstand.  

The box must include a hand sanitizer, prescribed medicines, a water bottle, and the necessary OTC products for the pains. You can also place your incisions in the recovery kit after your surgeon recommends their proper usage.   

Get Your Rest 

Rest after any surgical or non-surgical procedure is highly necessary. If you don’t allow your body to relax and revitalize, you cant expect to experience your desired objectives. It’s advisable to lay down with your head placed in a slightly reclining position. You can place two pillows to increase the height.  

Have Your Medication  

It’s common to feel slight swelling and itching. Surgical procedures aren’t painless, after all. However, you can take your prescribed medication as soon as you start feeling the discomfort. Don’t wait for the pain to increase and spoil your recovery period. And plastic surgery professionals always suggest pills and medication with their dosage to help you during your post-operative times.  

Slowly Sit Up  

As you sit or stand after laying down for a while, do it slowly. Immediate actions can cause intense dizziness and slight nausea. So, you must take your time sitting up and then remain in that position for a minute or two before trying to stand up.  

Ideally, you have adult supervision to grab onto if you feel dizziness while standing up. In addition, if you think you’re feeling too hazy and dizzy to move, you must lay down right away. Close your eyes and take deep breathes to reduce the chances of fainting.  

Avoid Strenuous Physical Activities  

You must allow your body at least two complete weeks to recover from your plastic surgery. You must refrain from exercise that tires your body out quickly during this time. The lesser you sweat, the better it is for your skin. And that also includes not lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds.  

Furthermore, be vigilant about your body and understand what it feels like. If something hurts, don’t do it! You can work out all you want- after a month of your plastic surgery. But before that, prioritizing your body’s relaxation is critical to ensure effective healing.  

Avoid The Sun  

As you head home after your plastic surgery, Delray Beach, FL, Florida surgeons suggest avoiding the sun rays from hitting your treated area. The sunlight can cause further pains, swelling, and pigmentation.  

Therefore, you must keep away from the sunlight for a minimum of two weeks. After that, you must never forget to put on SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunblocks before heading out, at least till your skin feels no longer sensitive and pink.  

Contact The Professionals Of Plastic Surgery, Delray Beach, FL, Florida 

Pre-surgery jitters are nothing unusual but having skilled plastic surgery experts assist you with the treatment is highly reassuring. So, feel free to contact a well-reputed cosmetic surgeon to help you understand more about your operation and post-operative recovery.  

If you’re a local in Florida and searching for guidance on injectable treatments and cosmetic surgeries, you can reach out to Delray Beach Plastic Surgery! They understand your requirements and ensure you meet your goals with the fundamental and impressive aftercare to experience the results quicker.  

The experienced staff at Delray Beach Plastic Surgery helps you decide your best surgery option and promise 100% customer satisfaction. You can click on their website for the latest updates on the procedures they offer.  

You can also submit your messages using the online contact form or emailing your concerns at [email protected]. If you want to schedule your meeting, you can call (561) 278-3245 or visit their office at 250 Dixie Boulevard, #103, Delray Beach, FL, 33444-3857 


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