Facelift for Men

External factors such as time, gravity, and sun exposure continue to negatively affect our appearance as we age, and that’s the case for both women and men. Dr. Westine is highly experienced in the art of a Male Facelift. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

What type of man has plastic surgery today?

They are often executives and entrepreneurs who want to keep their edge in the business world. They are young, aspiring actors or models, or often husbands who are intrigued by their spouse’s recent surgical experience and results.

Our male patients have similar aesthetic motivations as our female patients. They want to look better and feel better about themselves.  They want to look refreshed, but not too tight or too pulled, fearing a facelift will create a smooth feminine appearance.

A Rhytidectomy (lower facelift) will address aging changes in the lower third of the face and neck.

What are the differences between facelift for men and women?

Dr. Westine consults with male patients who want to address their jowls and neck. While the basic anatomy and surgical approach to a male and female facelift is the same, there are special differences for the male patient.

  • Men have thicker more vascular skin. This can lead to greater intra-operative bleeding and greater risk of a post-operative hematoma.
  • Men have larger, heavier faces, especially around the neck and jawline. Their ligaments and muscles are larger. This can make surgery and deeper tissue manipulation and muscle plication more difficult.
  • Men have hair follicles on their face and special attention with regards to repositioning of hair bearing tissue like side burns must be addressed to ensure a natural hairline.
  • In addition, balding or bald men also cannot hide incisions in the hairline. However the benefit of facial hair is men can grow a beard during recovery to help conceal incisions.

How long is the recovery?

Men are typically more impatient with recovery and downtime. The average recovery for a facelift procedure is 2-4 weeks. Because men have thicker skin and larger muscles, they tend to have more swelling that can persist longer. It is important to follow post-operative instructions in order to reduce the risk of increased fluid retention or hematoma formation.

When can I return to exercise?

Return to vigorous exercise and heavy weight-lifting should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks or until you have been given clearance. Golfers should be very careful upon return the greens. Head and neck motion is limited as the healing of deeper tissue continues.

Will I have visible scars?

During the immediate recovery phase, men are fortunate in that they can grow a beard to hide any incisions as they heal. All incisions are placed in the natural creases of the ear and beneath the chin.

Procedures often combined with facelift surgery

  • Eyelid surgery
  • Chin Implant
  • Fat Transfer
  • Liposuction

As with all facial plastic surgery, a thorough health assessment and realistic expectations are prerequisites. Your understanding of procedures, routines, and risks is essential to a successful final result. Following your consultation, we continue our discussion at the preoperative appointment.

The success and safety of your facelift depends very much on your complete candidness during your initial consultation. Dr. Westine will ask a number of questions about your health, desires, and lifestyle.

For examples of the before-and-after results of male face lifts performed at Delray Beach Plastic Surgery, visit our Gallery.


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