Aftercare Tips for CoolSculpting Treatment: Do’s and Don’ts

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Aftercare Tips for CoolSculpting Treatment: Do’s and Don’ts

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that allows you to shed excess fat from your problem areas. It’s a good alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck and doesn’t carry any downtime. If you choose CoolSculpting to get a sleek shape, there are some recovery do’s and don’ts you need to know and follow so that you can get the best results.

Do Massage the Treated Area

You should regularly massage the treated area after having CoolSculpting in Delray Beach. Dr. John G. Westine at Delray Beach Plastic Surgery recommends doing this immediately after your treatment to improve the effects of the procedure. It allows the frozen fat to break down and helps to stimulate your lymphatic system to eliminate dead fat cells from your body. Massage the area a few times each day for several days after your procedure.

Don’t Use Anti-Inflammatories

Although CoolSculpting treatments can result in discomfort or even some pain, don’t use anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for at least a few days. These medications can have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve and impede the progress of the fat cells from dying out and your body eliminating them. Compression garments are good alternatives because they can ease your pain.

Do Use Warm Compresses

Use a warm compress on the area of your body treated by CoolSculpting in Delray Beach. Warm compresses can serve more than one purpose: they can help to alleviate pain, swelling, and muscle spasms while also stimulating blood flow in the treated areas and aiding your recovery. Apply a warm compress throughout the day whenever you feel a twinge or soreness.

Do Eat a Healthy Diet

It’s important to remember that CoolSculpting treatments are not meant to help you lose weight. The procedure is ideal for those who are already at their ideal weight, which means that you have to do your part by consuming a healthy diet and incorporating exercise into your daily life. You should eat healthy foods that are low in fat and high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes, and whole grains. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated as well. It can aid in your recovery and ensure that you get incredible results.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Don’t drink alcohol during CoolSculpting recovery. It can increase your risk of bruising and impede your results. You should also refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages at least one week prior to your procedure, as advised by your provider.

Do Be Patient

One of the most important ways to have a successful CoolSculpting recovery from your cosmetic procedure is to be patient. Although you are probably anxious about getting to your ultimate goal and seeing results as soon as possible, remember that everything positive is well worth the wait. As the weeks go by, you will start to notice your body changing in wonderful ways.

If you are interested in getting this procedure to get rid of stubborn excess fat, contact Delray Beach Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Westine at your earliest convenience.

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