Here’s a Peek Into the Many Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Here’s a Peek Into the Many Benefits of Microdermabrasion

If you have been considering giving your skin a boost but are hesitant to go under the knife then microdermabrasion may be the solution for you. This method of skin rejuvenation has risen in popularity in recent years due to the quick and easy process it entails. While many procedures require anesthesia and scalpels, this one only requires a diamond-tipped wand and a small handheld device. Both of which sound a whole lot less intimidating than the latter. The goal of this procedure is to gently remove the outer layer of the skin, usually compared to sanding. When this layer is removed your fresh, healthy new skin will come through in its place giving it a more rejuvenated look. This also will promote collagen growth, which results in a more youthful appearance. For anyone who is having a difficult time fixing scarring, discoloration, or skin damage, this is the miracle procedure you have been looking for. However, the benefits do not stop there, there are tons of other great perks when you stop into Delray Beach Plastic Surgery for a microdermabrasion treatment.

Eliminate Blackheads

Blackheads are one of those pesky skin problems that we all encounter at some point in time. Whether you see them once in a while, or every day when you look in the mirror, they are usually unwelcomed. The worst part about this form of break out is that they tend to come in clusters, making them stand out. If you want to avoid blackheads microdermabrasion may be just what you need. This treatment can work to shrink your pores, thus, making it more difficult for dirt to find its way into your skin. While the treatment shrinks your pores it will also make them significantly less visible, a win-win for you.

Treats Acne Scars

While many of us have gone through a phase of acne and now live with clear skin, for the most part, we still might not be as happy with our skin as we thought we would be post-acne. A big reason for this is the awful scars that acne tends to leave behind. These scars seem to haunt us of our acne filled past, a memory I’m sure we all want to forget. With microdermabrasion, your scars can be expected to fade and maybe even disappear over time. You can kiss the days of wearing a foundation at the gym or pool goodbye. The best part is that you do not need to worry about surgical complications. This form of acne scar treatment is non-invasive and very safe, a more suitable alternative to some of the harsher methods out there.

Can Help Reduce the Appearance Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of those things that every adult will notice at some point. They are simply a natural occurrence from growing up into our new adult bodies. While stretch marks are entirely common and nothing to be ashamed of, we know that sometimes we just wish they didn’t exist. Whether we gain weight or lose weight, these marks are stubborn. There have been a few methods tested to get rid of stretch marks, but none as effective as microdermabrasion. The goal of microdermabrasion is to encourage your skin cells to turnover, a process that promotes healing in the skin. When done on stretch marks, especially those that have recently appeared on your skin, it can greatly reduce their appearance.

No matter what your motivation is for pursuing a skin treatment such as microdermabrasion, you are bound to find the results you are looking for. This form of skin treatment is not only painless but it is also simple and to the point. Many of the forms of treatments out there require intense surgeries and long recovery periods. With microdermabrasion, you come in for a session and walk out ready to go on with the rest of your day. At Delray Beach Plastic Surgery we know that there is nothing better than loving the skin you are in, which is why we offer this easy treatment for those minor imperfections you want to fix. To book your consultation give us a call at (561) 278-3245. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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