How Do You Get Rid of Varicose Veins in Delray Beach?

How Do You Get Rid of Varicose Veins in Delray Beach?

For some people, varicose veins are unsightly and unattractive, for others – unhealthy. The good news is, they can be removed through a minimally-invasive procedure, right in the doctor’s office. When you’re ready to get rid of varicose veins in Delray Beach, visit Delray Beach Plastic Surgery. 

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Varicose veins are large, raised, swollen blood vessels that twist and turn and are evident mostly in the legs. Spider veins are also visible but are smaller than varicose veins. They’re usually found on the legs (calves and ankles) and face.  

There are a number of reasons why we develop them, including:  

  • Age/hormonal shifts – the risk increases with age 
  • Sex – women are more likely to develop them 
  • Pregnancy – some pregnant women develop them 
  • Family history – heredity plays a role 
  • Obesity – Extra weight puts more pressure on veins 
  • Standing or sitting for long periods of time – your blood doesn’t flow as well 

Varicose veins can also be painful and unhealthy and lead to ulcers, blood clots, and bleeding.  

SOURCE: Mayo Clinic   

At Delray Beach Plastic Surgery, we perform what’s called Sclerotherapy, which is the most common spider vein treatment. This effective treatment involves injecting medicine directly into the vein, causing it to collapse and become much less visible. 

Recovery is minimal. There’s no downtime, very little, if any discomfort, and you can immediately return to work and your normal activities, with few limitations.  Laser spider vein treatment can be performed on people of any age. 

Dr. John G. Westine, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, and his professional, highly-trained staff would love to talk to you to see if you’re a good candidate for treatment for varicose veins Delray Beach. When you’re ready to move forward with regaining your confidence and your health, call us at (561) 278-3245 for a consultation. We look forward to helping you realize your aesthetic dreams! 

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