Remove Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting in Delray Beach

Remove Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting in Delray Beach

If you’re like most people, no amount of crunches, curls or pushups can get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat that reside in your midsection. You’ve probably heard the term “love handle” or “muffin top” before because they are some of the toughest areas to shape with diet and exercise. Thousands of people dedicate themselves to serious weight loss only to discover that the final few pounds are some of the most difficult to get rid of. People think that since diet and exercise worked for the first 30 pounds, then it will take care of the final ten as well. In many cases, people either learn to live with a little flab or they go under the knife for liposuction or a similar procedure. 

CoolSculping Helps Remove Stubborn Fat

What if there was a way to get rid of stubborn belly and back fat without surgery and without spending all day, every day at the gym? Thanks to a new procedure at Delray Beach Plastic Surgery, it is possible to get the body you want without the downtime or cost of going under the knife. 

CoolSculpting gets rid of fat in a safe and effective way. Other procedures that use lasers or sonic waves can actually damage healthy, non-fat tissues while removing fat. CoolSculpting uses a patented cooling process that targets fat cells specifically and freezes them into oblivion. Other cells are left untouched as your fat melts away without needles, scalpels or scars. CoolSculpting is 100% FDA approved and is quickly growing into one of the most popular fat reducing procedures in the country. Developed by Harvard scientists, CoolSculpting only takes about an hour per session and you can go right back to work afterwards feeling great! Most people see a notable reduction in fat after just one visit can even transform their shape after a few months of regular treatment.   

Dr. John G. Westine, MD of Delray Beach Plastic Surgery specializes in the art and science of beauty and CoolSculpting in Delray Beach is his newest specialty. The advantages of the Coolsculpting procedure far outweigh those of other, more invasive procedures. Patients at Delray Beach Plastic Surgery are looking better than ever before thanks to the highly professional staff and their new CoolSculpting method. In the same amount of time you would spend at the gym you can get results that you can actually see. Why spend hours at the gym and devote yourself to that all kale diet when CoolSculpting can achieve the exact same, if not better results in a fraction of the time? Call (561) 278-3245 or stop by Delray Beach Plastic Surgery today for more information about all the amazing benefits of CoolSculpting. 

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