Are Varicose Veins in Delray Beach a Health Concern?

Are Varicose Veins in Delray Beach a Health Concern?

If you have recently started developing varicose veins in Delray Beach, you may be wondering whether they are dangerous or may become dangerous. According to health experts, for many people, varicose veins and spider veins are a cosmetic concern. But for others, varicose veins could lead to more serious problems.

Are Varicose Veins in Delray Beach Genetic? Are They Painful?

Though these veins may not be dangerous, in some people they are rather painful, especially as time goes on. They can also make one feel tired or lead to a heavy feeling in the legs or feet. Some studies suggest varicose veins are genetic, which can often be seen throughout other members of the same family. For some women, the chances of developing varicose veins increase with each pregnancy because of the increased volume of blood in the body. The circulatory change is designed to support a growing fetus but can also lead to enlarged veins in a woman’s legs. Varicose veins may also be a sign of a higher risk of circulatory problems.

If you are concerned about your veins mainly for cosmetic reasons, Delray Beach Plastic Surgery can help you. Following a careful vascular examination, we will give our patients realistic views of what to expect.
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To learn more about the causes of varicose veins in Delray Beach and the different available options  to treat them, please watch the short video below.

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