What Is A Hydrafacial?

From celebrities to your next-door neighbor, everyone is talking about the hydrafacial. It is one of the newest beauty treatments in the market, which helps in soothing a large number of skin conditions, leaving your face smooth, soft, and gorgeous.  

The Hydrafacial is one of the most commonly requested treatments in salons among all facials. Delray Beach, FL, has some of the best aestheticians in the state who can tailor the facial to your needs. 

What Is A Hydrafacial? 

A hydrafacial is a dermatological treatment that can target many skin conditions from dryness, acne scars, and wrinkles. It uses a five-step procedure that helps cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin while targeting any skin concerns alongside.  

It is also often referred to as HydraDermabrasion because it involves a dermabrasion process for exfoliation, right after which the skin is intensely hydrated with the help of serums.  

It uses a number of serums that can help your skin appear at its best. It is approved by dermatologists worldwide, which makes it a reliable beauty treatment for most people.  

Does It Really Work? 

Yes, the Hydrafacial works and makes a difference in the skin. The facial uses patented technology to work on the skin, so dermatologists approve of this procedure. The common use of hydrafacials has helped evolve the skincare and beauty industry immensely.  

What Is The Procedure? 

There are five steps to the hydrafacial procedure: 

  • Cleansing: The facial starts with a deep-cleansing procedure. A wand is used to soften the skin, open pores, and clean any dirt, grime, makeup, and oils from the skin. It also unclogs pores and rids the skin of any unwanted debris.
  • Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is the process of removing the top-most layer of the skin since it is just dead skin cells and revealing fresh, new skin from beneath. It is a hydrating process since the skin is penetrated with hydrating serums as the dead cells are removed, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and suppler.
  • Exfoliation: The next step involved chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliators such as Alpha-hydroxy acids are applied to the skin and left for a while. These exfoliators gently remove any remaining dead cells and prevent blackheads and pimples.
  • Extraction: The extraction process in a Hydrafacial is the most unique step. It uses a wand to unclog pores and remove any dirt and impurities from the deepest layers of the skin, leaving it completely clean and fresh. The extraction process is different from traditional unclogging processes since it prevents any damage to the skin. 
  • Serum Infusion: The last step involves infusing the skin with serums. These serums are tailored to the specific needs of the skin. Salicylic acid is used for acne-prone skin, antioxidants are used for anti-aging, and vitamin C may be used for brightening. Using potent serums right after exfoliating and stripping the skin bare helps the serums penetrate deep inside the layers of the skin and work to their maximum potency. 

    What Are The Benefits Of A Hydrafacial? 

    There is a myriad of benefits to getting a hydra facial. These include the following: 

    • The deep hydration makes the skin plump and smooth 
    • It helps to even complexion and brighten your skin 
    • It also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles  
    • If the right serums are used, it also helps in relieving and preventing acne 

What Do Aestheticians Use In A Hydrafacial? 

Every beautician has a different selection of products for the hydrafacial, and every skin type has different needs. Here are some of the most commonly used products: 

  • Vortex Wand: This wand is used for extraction and deep cleansing of the skin 
  • AHAs: Alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs are used to exfoliate and work on the upper surface of your skin 
  • BHAs: Beta-hydroxy acids are used to work on the inner layers of the skin 
  • Salicylic Acid: This is one of the most common products for spot-treatment of acne 
  • Vitamin C: It is one of the best ingredients for skin brightening 
  • Niacinamide: it is used to close pores and make the skin smooth and supple 

Is It Just Another Chemical Peel? 

Hydrafacials are different from regular chemical peels. While the focus of a chemical peel is to exfoliate the skin and reveal soft, smooth skin from within, the hydra facial is a little different. The exfoliation is a part of it, but the serum infusions, extractions, and deep hydration methods are what set the hydrafacial apart from a chemical peel. 

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